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At the same time, growth in adjoining states limited the amount of surplus power available, as did the capacity of interstate (and north-south internal) transmission lines.

California Energy Commission (CEC) data for 2014 showed in-state generation of 199 TWh and net imports of 98 TWh to give total of 296.8 TWh, 17 TWh of this nuclear, 13.4 Wh coal, 122 TWh natural gas, 14 TWh large hydro and 23.5 TWh solar and wind.

More than a decade of scooter innovation has resulted in the new, heavy duty Cobra GT4 from Drive.

From its distinctive look to class-leading performance, we have stopped at nothing to create the new standard in heavy duty scooters.

California has a population of some 38 million, which grew by over 25% through the 1980s and 12% through the 1990s. Its economy is larger than that of most nations, and includes a major high-technology sector.

It produces 13% of US gross domestic product (GDP).

Some 1700 homes have been evacuated near the leak, and more significantly for electricity supply the reservoir is largely depleted, limiting gas supplies for power generation.

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Most people who undergo cataract removal desire being less dependent on eyeglasses after surgery.At the heart of the Power Soak story is a steadfast commitment to quality — both in the design of our products and in the way your employees use them every day.That’s why we offer more opportunities than ever to customize our equipment to fit your operation’s unique needs.The Cobra GT4 boasts a dynamic, modern design and incorporates cutting edge technological advancements to provide the most attractive, highest performance scooter available.In addition, the Cobra provides maximum comfort with a smooth, stable ride and a deluxe Captain's Seat available in your choice of 20" or 22" widths.

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