An error occurred while updating the configuration airport

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You reset your Apple Air Port Extreme or Time Capsule. You google for it and find that lots of people has this problem but nobody seem to have a solution. The solution to this common problem is: enable IPv6 in your wireless network settings (on your computer with Air Port Utility). It is because fresh Air Port Extreme (or Time Capsule) use IPv6, not IPv4. However it is 100% working solution in my case: no IPv6 — no connection to a clean Air Port Extreme or Time Capsule. You should always enable security on your Wi-Fi router.Disabled When enabled, this feature allows a user to configure a list of MAC addresses for the Wi-Fi router, and restrict access to devices with addresses that are on the list.Please insert the RS232 to USB cord to a USB port of RPi, I am using the PL2303 chipset cable which the driver was buildin the Rpi.In another test, I found FT232 driver was absent on Rpi, it needs install by the user. If some device missing, you may continue to proceed the following software & firmware update, However, all the critical devices (sound card, and USB to RS232 cord) should be identified before svxlink installation.

Take content from problem file and copy into new file. home_old.aspx) and then rename new file (home.aspx). I don't think my script is the has anything to do with it considering this is the second time adding an index for a single-line text column has caused issues.

I missed to replace an S in App Prefix which was set to Apps so my app url was https://apps-1234but the orignal plan was to use “app” as prefix.

So I removed the app from the site and app catalog.

Source: App Web Source Name: App Web Deployment Error occurred in deployment step 'Install app for Share Point': Failed to install app for Share Point. I restarted all services in the server for sharepoint to solve the problem namely: App Fabric Caching, Sharepoint serach host controller, Sharepoint search server 15 , Sharepoint Timer Service, Sharepoint user code host Services can be restarted from Control Panel- services It seems one of the service is responsible for the updating configuration in DB, even when I googled people said that by restarting the server and after some time the problem automatically got served.

So I think one of the service when run solves the problem Recently I was working on configuring Share Point hosted apps for our customer and while testing I saw this issue.

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