Ati catalyst not updating

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0x6798 0x1002 0x254d 0x1458 0x030000 0x00 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.0xaaa0 0x1002 0xaaa0 0x1458 0x040300 0x00 AMD Radeon Graphics Processor Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.Please let us know how you managed to resolve it in the comments after you’ve read the article.If you want to know whether your driver is updated to the latest version, or if you just want to know what you’re running, then you can find that information out easily.So, I thought it was time to upgrade my Display Driver.I downloaded the latest 15.7.1 drivers here from your website, BUT, I don't think it even updated my driver, as the issue remained.

In fact, the ATI branding was only officially retired around five years ago, so it’s not as uncommon as you might think to find ATI cards in use.

But this will install the driver but I'm not sure about CCC.

Originally Posted by Koogiking I tried that and it didn't work. When I uninstall then try to install the 13.8 drivers, the Display drivers just don't show up in catalyst manager and they just don't install.

Guys this happened to me this is because you installed the older 15.7.1 that was 245MB which then made windows 10 give a AMD update that did this same thing to me. These issues made Plays TV mot run so well for me but after fixing that it's been working awesome again.15.8 is working awesome with PLays TV too I have since moved over to Plays TV.

Guys you can do this to stop Windows 10 applying driver updates.https://com/thread/186448?

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