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Look up the definition of triple threat and you're likely to see a photo of Kristen Kish. When I first started coming to Charleston a couple years ago, I was introduced to the city by one of my great friends.The Le Cordon Bleu grad, former model, and Top Chef: Seattle winner crushed the competition during her time on the Bravo series. She took me around and showed me all the great food places and that included being introduced to Brooks.But it was as Peter in the tongue-in-cheek "Soap" that marked Urich's breakthrough and as the star of the detective shows "Vega$" (1978-81) and "Spenser For Hire" (1985-88) that became his trademark roles.He was awarded an Emmy for his narration of the National Geographic "Explorer" documentary "U-Boats: Terror on Our Shores." In August 1996, Urich, was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital for treatment of a rare form of cancer.Read More This married B list mostly television actress seemingly goes to every big award show even when she is not nominated.She is desperate to get her new show on the air but probably doesn’t realize…Urich died of the disease, synovial cell sarcoma, which affects a person's joints.After his television series debut in the short-lived "Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice," Urich acted -- a five-line role that ended in a crash scene -- in "Magnum Force" opposite Clint Eastwood.

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Mathers, who ignited a backlash of criticism when she secretly snapped a photo of a naked 71-year-old woman…Inside the Actors Studio Steve Carell ("The Big Short") sits down with host Jame Lipton to discuss his life and career. Bravo Life in Pieces John's (James Brolin) and his Air Force buddies perform their versions of classic Christmas carols in this new episode. CBSMom Regina (Octavia Spencer) declares that she doesn't believe she's an alcoholic in this new episode. CBSLuther Detective Chief Inspector John Luther (Idris Elba) is thrust back into the darker side of humanity in this one-of episode of the crime series. BBC America Elementary Morland (John Noble) is willing to help Sherlock and Watson (Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu) with a case in this new episode. CBSRunning Wild With Bear Grylls In the Alaskan wilderness, President Obama and Bear Grylls observe evidence of climate change, sample wild salmon and enjoy tea made with water from melting glaciers. NBCHaven The science fiction series ends its run with two new episodes. Syfy SPECIALSi Heart Radio Jingle Ball Some of today's top music stars perform this annual event. KNBCGood Morning America A preview of "Barbara Walters's "The 10 Most Fas-cinating People of 2015"; Luke Bracey and Ed-gar Ramirez. KABCLive With Kelly and Michael Kurt Russell ("The Hateful Eight"); Daya performs. KCBSToday Matthew Broderick; Annaleigh Ashford; Siri Pinter; James Patterson; 16 to '16; winner of "The Voice." (N) 7 a.m.

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