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“We share a bit more information on a profile including height, sexuality, but you can’t filter by those.

As we had so many people looking for friendship, it wasn’t necessary to filter down so much but we’ve been getting a huge number of requests recently for more filters, particularly by sexuality, so I think we’ll be taking a look at that again.

It’s kind of like when you thought you hated sushi, but then you tried it, and you were like, “WOW.

WHAT A SAD, SAD LIFE I LIVED BEFORE THIS MOMENT.”But I’m about to drop a major truth bomb here, so hold on to your damn butts. Genitalia are not the same as a spicy tuna roll with eel sauce. It’s just like when you were 15, and you saw a smokin’ hot member of the opposite gender, and you thought (and felt in your body), “Yes, I would like your body on top of me, like, 10 minutes ago.”So if you see a member of the same gender, and you immediately think, “Wow, I really want to mash my face up against yours and do the saliva-exchange thingy and also do a bunch of other things with our spicy tuna rolls,” you’re probably bi.

We live in a very conservative town and have very conservative friends and family.

Last year, my 51 yr old introverted, decent, family man husband suddenly became (very uncharacterstically) very angry for something that I said but that he wouldn’t disclose. I tried everything to figure it out, to calm him down, to reconnect, without success. We talked a lot about this, and I saw how I contributed to his anger and dissatisfaction.

This made me curious about the way queer women use apps like Tinder and HER and if we are, in essence, doing the same things in the way that we specify “no butches,” “feminine women only,” “no ghetto chicks” and other statements in order to ward off prospective partners who we don’t see as “our type.” “I have seen apps/sites that allow you to specify ethnicity, race, weight preference, etc.,” says Lauren Hamilton, a frequent dating app user. I don’t want to waste time sending a message to a woman who prefers skinny, white women when I am certainly not that.”I asked the founder of HER, Robyn Exton, how many women specify the kind of appearance they are looking for in their profiles.“It’s a much smaller percentage than you might imagine,” she said.

Since I was attracted to boys, I just assumed I was straight and ignored the attraction I felt for girls.

I never gave myself the chance to think about it because I was safe where I was.

“Friends who I polled on this gave me examples where it seems that the most common physical appearance statements are made about height (mostly noting how tall they are, but sometimes adding “no short girls”), and often what their hair currently looks as if it isn’t represented in their photos.

On both Tinder and HER, women are more likely to write that they want “feminine women only,” some going as far to say “no manly women,” echoing the sentiments of the Tweet at the top of this article.“We only have two filters at the moment: age and distance,” Robyn said.

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