Bun b dating vanness wu and ady an dating

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cause LB is as guilty of dance jacking as James Harden. But we don't buy into that because we know that Pimp C created [the cooking dance] not Lil B.

Lil B recently took credit for Houston coach Kevin Mc Hale losing his job ... and he tells us the Rockets are immune to the so-called curse cause Lil B TOTALLY JACKED the dance from another rap god, Pimp C. We don't stand for that." That wasn't the only curse Bun B was willing to tackle ...

For close to four years now, UGK rapper Bun B has served as co-teacher of a Hip Hop and religion class, specifically Religious Studies 331: Religion and Hip- Hop Culture, at Houston, Texas’ Rice University. Anthony Pinn, the professor he teaches alongside, Bun B recently appeared on Hot 97 to discuss his teaching gig at Rice.

According to Bun, over the past four years he’s strived “to maintain the integrity of the class” and his standing at Rice University.

He recorded one album with them, The Fury of The Aquabats! He has gained significant acceptance within the hip-hop community in particular and often collaborates with artists to compose rock-tinged remixes to their songs.

Barker collaborated with artists (including Game, Yelawolf, Tom Morello, Corey Taylor, Slaughterhouse, Raekwon, Busta Rhymes, RZA, Slash, and other musicians) for his solo debut album, Give the Drummer Some, which was released on March 15, 2011.

So, that being said, I have to respect that intention and I have to be mindful of it when I come into the classroom every day.” Bun B’s interview with Hot 97 can be found below (via Hot New Hip Hop).you claim you a dog, my nig, I'm the vet We cain't even talk 'less you cut the check I guess that's why all of these niggaz get bad They said, "Fuck a young nigga! " I know it's some girls in the crowd right now who wanna fuck a young nigga - yeah! ) But just gimme a hour, I'll light it up like an Eiffel Tower [Yo Gotti] (I'm Yo Goooooti!I roll one and roll another one bigger Niggaz thinkin they sick, well, I'm sicker I'ma smoke, my weed and I’ma drink, my liquor Better make, sure you fuck ya girl right 'fore I dick her, down (Flocka! ) Got bills on top of bills (bills), scales on top of scales (scales) I'm Mr.We meet up with Bun B at the Day for Night Festival in Houston, Texas, to talk to the state native about food and music; and Noisey drops their predictions on us for 2016's musical landscape." channel-id="57a204088cb727dec794c67b" channel-title="VICE" channel-url="/en_us/channel/vice" relative-url="/en_us/video/bun-b-houston/568be3f90259da3543ab4440" absolute-url="//com/en_us/video/bun-b-houston/568be3f90259da3543ab4440" published-at="1452142800000" season="1" episode="33" show-title="Daily VICE" show-url="/en_us/show/daily-vice" show-id="57a2040b8cb727dec794c84b" topics="[,,,,,]" thumbnail="https://com/images/video/868/lede/568be3f90259da3543ab4440-1456264226994.jpg?

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