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Seeking insight on her sightings of "The Executioner" and the slayings he or she has committed, Sarah has paid visits to her parents' imprisoned murderer, Tom Winston.Tom suggests to Sarah that though most of Waterbury's residents project a veneer of friendship, innocence, and self-righteousness, many of them harbor dark secrets, including her late parents.Sign up for FREE to view profiles on all our members.

You're one click away from your perfect hot local sex date!A conference on sex trafficking (or human trafficking) was held by Greater Sudbury Police and Sudbury and Area Victims Services March 17. grew up in an alcoholic home in a small, rural Northern Ontario town where she had very little social support.A woman who's originally from Northern Ontario shared her story of being the victim of human trafficking. She first tried drugs at age 12, and by 15 she was a full-on addict and used drugs every day. had just moved to the GTA, where she was homeless and knew no one — in other words, vulnerable.During these conversations, Tom expresses thoughts on what is a common theme of Slashers first season — the seven deadly sins.Gaining information from Sarah on the victims' backgrounds and the nature of their deaths, Tom provides suggestions as to what sin the victims may have violated; Sarah would begin to employ this approach herself without Tom's assistance in later episodes.

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