Capital radio speed dating

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That said, the entrepreneur should resist the lure of network connections outside her predetermined market.

If she's targeted academic laboratories for her chemical-heating instruments, she should not approach Uncle Myron about buying some for his restaurant's steam tables.

It can also guide the project promoter in the jungle of possibilities.

Reaching the right people in a targeted company involves two activities: lead generation and qualification.

Lead generation is the process of finding names and contact information for individual buyers.

The entrepreneur will naturally start with friends-of-friends and associates-of-associates, known as "hot prospects." Hot prospects are the most likely to listen, give feedback, and even buy because of the trust embedded in networks.

I prefer this to online dating any day, because when you're with someone face to face, you can make better judgements," says Sukanya, 25, who finds online dating uninteresting.

Among the many participants of the event, organised by a Bengaluru-based group who are reintroducing the concept across Indian cities, was Sakshi Sharma*, the MD of a city-based educational institute.

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