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A series of sketches featuring a morally dubious consultancy company begin several episodes.Initially a satire on the Royal Mail renaming itself Consignia, the company charges large amounts of money on ridiculous rebranding exercises, e. renaming cancer as "Closure" and advertising it as an attractive end-of-life option or rebranding the Fire Service as 'Icarus' to combat their reputation as an "essentially reactive organisation" by going into the frothy coffee business. the explosions occurred at the end of Grande's concert. while fans were scrambling for safety they were clutching pink balloons that apparently had been dropped on the crowd.One of the concertgoers tweeted, "Just ran from an explosion, genuinely thought were going to die." People are writing on Twitter that there is blood everywhere ... A source connected with Ariana tells us she had just left the stage when everyone heard what appeared to be an explosion. Authorities are urging people to stay clear of the area.

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Page Six reports that the Golden Globe winner left his manager of three decades at UTA and signed with rival company CAA because they offered lower rates.

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In each episode, Clive walks slowly through the city back home, which is located in a tower block of high-rise flats.

He arrives home (sometimes months or even years) late and when questioned by his wife as to his whereabouts, his excuses swiftly collapse into the plots of well-known fiction.

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