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Here are ten introductory assets of the "Brocade City": #1 PANDAS Not counting the diminishing forests where they actually originate, Chengdu is China's "Panda Central." Just on the outskirts of town in the parks and gardens of the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, scientists study and breed both the popular black and white giant pandas and their raccoon-like red cousins. can watch the blasé creatures chomping on the special species of bamboo which is meticulously harvested and carted down from the forests to feed them.

#2 TRADITION Nestled among the downtown skyscrapers are two neighborhoods which have been preserved and re-created to represent the streets of old.

Recommendations:蝗家一号Club, MIU Club, CC Club, Mango Pub (芒果国际CLUB) Age range: 18-35 Music: 70 Environment: 80 Beauty Index:5 star Average cost: RMB 300 2.

Shaoling Road Bar Street 少陵路酒吧一条街 Shaoling Road Bar Street is a cool place to enjoy nightlife in western part of Chengdu.

2km from hotel, taxi: 9mins, RMB 8 The Chengdu imperial palace is located in the west mosque tianfu square, referred to as the imperial palace temple, located in the center of the brook street no.

With a history of over 2,400 years, Chengdu is the hometown of China national treasure Giant Panda, as well as a place rich in cultural legacy and historical sites.

Chengdu local cuisine is also world renowned for its delicious spiciness.

In the day time you may eat spicy hotpot, enjoy your time in relaxing teahouses and see lovely Giant Pandas!

As night falls, it is time to indulge yourself in bars and hook up beautiful Chengdu girls.

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