Civ 5 achievements not updating

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make it easier to understand the interactions of game objects: more mouseover actions and tooltips, use game XML data - not hardcoded blurbs changes to gameplay, no effect on game saves, can earn achievements, works in multiplayer, and no additional information that is not already available somewhere ------------------- CHANGES VS ORIGINAL ------------------- (January 28th, 2013) Gift Unit to city-state from leaderpanel, appears while having Arsonal of Democracy. When they spread the news about Civ 5 going Steamworks ( ) they mentioned achievements, but so far no sign of that on the app page.If they mentioned it I'm sure they'll be implemented :) I just hope the achievements are interesting and not just your standard unoriginal 'win 5 games,' 'win as every civilization,' etc which are things you would probably do anyway.

(A single click ATM cannot happen because city: Purchase Unit(..) returns before the unit is purchased and offers no callback, *shame firaxis hire better devs*, so calling select Unit right after fails, hence the need to doubleclick.

Custom landsknecht icon needed) Removed "Are you sure?

" popup for gifting a unit, and building over an improvement. (useless because often the game will recommend building a road when your standing on an unimproved luxury, and if you misclick you will waste a turn) Ignore all trade requests from AI.

The Scramble for Africa Scenario for Civilization 5 comes with 12 playable civilizations and 7 mostly challenging Steam Achievements.

Read about some of these achievements in this post and get an overview of the strategy guides for the harder achievements.

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