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The following are the equipment available in the dept in addition to other civil engineering laboratory equipments. Career Opportunities: • Field and laboratory testing • Oil sands policy making • Disaster management and evaluation • Designing earthworks • Foundation design • Mining operations Water resources engineers deal with the control and utilization of water by society.

Students in our Department have the opportunity to actively experience research in four different research areas. They study the physical processes of water flow essential to the understanding, protection, and improvement of the environment.

Only after several days of terrible weather were we forced to fire up the gas heating as the core of the building had cooled.It does a lot more (heating & cooling) and cost a lot less. So far (5 months) I'm really happy with it, even through Winter with is warming ability. We went with solarwhiz: It's essentially for cooling your roofspace/rooms and so far (had it in for 3 months) we're very happy. Just ask the Sisson family: Starting around April each year, their three-story 1942 brick house became more like a brick oven, even with the help of a few window-unit air conditioners.They briefly considered installing a traditional central air conditioning system—“but if we’d done that,” says Welmoed Sisson, “we would have lost all our closets because that’s where the giant metal ductwork would have had to go.” Fortunately for the family’s comfort and the house’s well-being, Welmoed’s husband, Bob—in her words, “an avowed technogeek”—discovered an alternate solution: a high-velocity, mini-duct HVAC system.

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