Computer froze when updating bios

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When I tried to reboot and go to safe mode the keyboard would let me get it to that screen then the keys would stop working.

I cannot reformat the harddrive as I do not have the windows XP disk, I have the key, just not the disk.They have identical troubleshooting and resolution steps, and you will probably need to use the Windows Debugger to find out what caused the error.This stop code indicates a driver tried to access a certain area of memory when it should not have, meaning there is a flaw in the driver itself.Please tell me if it's right because I don't want to grab a new card to find it doesn't work! I have experienced this, if it is in fact the same issue, on a number of computer in the last couple of days and it is happening not only on a desktop but a laptop as well.Dell has created a set of online diagnostics that can identify problems with your computer hardware or configuration that may be causing the issue.

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