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We started our journey to Chitral in the winter of last year.

It was December and thus an off-season for tourists.

They had a picnic with him." So what already is the plot? Ted a tip or two; Tommy Auveristas, an importer, ho ho.

Their "sexy, perky, tango air sent unmixed signals of something like risk and danger that sailed right over the Jews' heads." But not over Mrs. Everything about these guys is shady, not to say obscure -- except as incarnations of Mrs. Their entrances excite her expectations and the reader's, only to disappoint both.

Ted Bliss, eponymous heroine of the 17th book by Stanley Elkin, who died in May.

Readers exasperated with the patchy plots and mistrustful of characters who are the author's mouthpieces may still relish the show. Consider: "She spent endless hours (three or four a day) in her kitchen, preparing food, doing the dishes till they sparkled, mopping the floor, scouring the sink, wiping down the stove; yet she had never been a very good cook, only a driven taskmistress, seldom varying her menus and never, not even when she entertained guests, a recipe, obsessive finally, so finicky about the world whenever she was alone in it that she was never (this preceded her deafness) entirely comfortable outside the door to her apartment (where she conceived of the slipcovers on her living room furniture, and perhaps even of the fitted terry-cloth cover on the lid of the toilet seat in the bathrooms, as a necessary part of the furniture itself; for her the development of clear, heavy-duty plastic a technological breakthrough, a hinge event in science, up there with Kem cards, washable mah-jongg tiles, lifelong shmuts dread, a first impression she must have taken as a child in Russia, a sense of actual biological trayf, fear of the Gentile, some notion of caste deeper than a Hindu's, a notion, finally, of order), something stubborn and stolid and profoundly resistant in her Slavic features, her adamant, dumb and disapproving stance like that of a farm animal or a very picky eater." That's Mrs.

ABBOTTABAD: Along with renowned religious scholar Junaid Jamshed’s dead body, at least 38 bodies have been recovered on Wednesday by rescue teams after a flight of Pakistan International Airline (PIA), carrying over 40 persons crashed due to mechanical snag.

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) reported that bodies of 26 passengers were recovered at the crash site while the operation was underway for more.

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Soon, we were on our way to the mountainous areas of the magnificent Chitral.

ATR-42 also known as PK-661 was en route Islamabad from Chitral and in the evening today when it lost communication with control and crashed some ten kilometers of Havelian.

Authorities have confirmed that the aircraft carried five of the crew member, nine women, 31 men and two infants.

A Pakistani plane carrying up to 47 passengers has crashed near Abottabad, a regional police official has said.

Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) passenger plane PK 116 was on its way to Islamabad from the northern city of Chitral.

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