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Since its founding in 1902, Gibson has grown to become one of the world's most iconic luthiers.

While everyone knows about the quality and reputation of Gibson's electric instruments, a lesser-known fact is that the same level of care and innovation goes into their acoustic and acoustic-electric models.

The case holds the guitar, but its integrity is deteriorating....please view the outside case photos.

If you are interested in any information, please contact me via my 'contact page' at the end of this site. In 1935, Gibson introduced the 'Advanced' L7 along with several other 'Advanced' models.

The first and fifth numbers are the year, for example 8997653 = 8997653 or 1986 ES (Electric Spanish - hollow body with fixed pickup(s) T - Thinline D Double - 2 Pickups C Cutaway or Cherry Finish 3/4 - 3/4 side and short scale SV - Stereo and Veritone wiring option Please keep in mind that Serial numbers show approximate date of manufacture.

Very rarely do I sell anything from my collection, but sometimes in order to keep collecting new items, older ones must be let go. The binding is tight and the frets are original to this piece.

Where to find the serial number The serial number is stamped or punched on the back of the headstock.

Factory Order Numbers (FON) with a letter from 1935 to 1941.

If you're looking for a real workhorse, the Gibson J-45 Custom Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a solid option.

As Gibson's best-selling acoustic, this guitar has been used by some of music's biggest names onstage and in-studio since the model's introduction in 1942.

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