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The outdoorsy Australian culture and the sports mad nation that helps make Australia so great, makes living in Australia a fun and relaxing environment and symbolizes the average Australian personality and lifestyle. They don't care One of the most attractive and alluring features of Australian women, and Australian's in general, is their care-free attitude.They are politically incorrect, (which I love) they don't care what people think about them - except for the people that matter to them the most, and they don't offend too easily within reason.Learning to love “Like a Version” covers is the first step to truly integrating yourself into the Aussie music scene.Think you escaped packing on the pounds in college?Aussie girls are care-free, happy-go-lucky and free spirited. She's diverse and accepting The average Australian girl is far more accepting and diverse than her parents.Australia is a highly-mobile and well-traveled society and is a nation accustomed to living side-by-side with foreigners due to its multicultural citizens.Every time you mention college, just insert “uni” instead.

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Based in Australia and interested in Asian Australian dating? Asian is the leading Asian dating site connecting singles interested in friendship, dating and relationships all across Australia.

Photo: Leonard John Matthews Sure, the standard “darling” and “babe” still apply, but there seems to be a slight misunderstanding when it comes to what non-Australian women want to hear when kissed good night. As in the stringy, nocturnal rodent that hangs from trees with its gross, bare tail and plays dead?

Apparently there are cute possums in Australia, but I haven’t seen one yet…

Characteristics of Australian Women Australian women are known for liking to party and are great fun on a night out.

They are also generally expected to be highly talkative and very confident and this makes meeting them a much easier affair than trying to get something out of someone who is very quiet and shy.

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