Dating antique horseshoes

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The sides of others were decorated with colorful enamel patterns or bands.

In addition to thimbles, sewing collectors also look for thimble holders.

It is made of good quality tan leather and it would have been attached to the saddle.

The spare horseshoe case shown on the left was a standard piece of equipment.

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Some of these had polished agates or other types of semi-precious stones set in their tops.

Queen Anne is lighter and less chunky in appearance in comparison to earlier furniture, exhibiting a change in taste in the early 1700s.

There are some quintessential examples of Queen Anne styling, however, including highboys, lowboys, and the Hogarth chair, as mentioned by Frank Farmer Loomis IV in .

There are porcelain thimbles, wooden thimbles, and thimbles made from carved stone.

Some thimbles feature delicate filigree work around their sides, others doubled as holders for tiny perfume bottles and so-called sewing toys.

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