Dating example information architecture

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Site planning with a team is often easier if you base your major structural planning and decisions on a shared master site diagram that all members of the group can work with.

The site diagram should evolve as the plan evolves and act as the core planning document as changes are proposed and made in the diagram.

Although wireframes differ from site to site, the following elements often are included as standard elements on wireframes: Wireframes can vary both in their production, from paper sketches to computer-drawn images and in the amount of detail that they convey.

Low and high-fidelity are terms used to identify the level of wireframe production or functionality.

In turn, Charlemagne's palace complex, (right) constructed around 800, influenced the architecture of much of western Europe, leading to the development of the Romanesque style.

Despite its name, the inspiration behind Romanesque architecture was not Rome, but the architecture of the Byzantine Empire.

Information architecture can be a daunting subject for designers who’ve never tried it before.

The sites below range from sites of individual information architects who share resources with their colleagues, to professional organizations, to design sites that include extensive information architecture resources.

Plans of the church of St Vitale in Ravenna, dating from the 6th century, (left) and Charlemagne's palace at Aachen, constructed in the early 9th century, (right).

The similarities between the architecture of the two buildings (not just the decoration) shows that the design of the later building consciously looked to the earlier building as a source of inspiration.

Organisms at the base of the food chain that photosynthesize – for example, plants and algae – use the carbon in Earth’s atmosphere.

They have the same ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-12 as the atmosphere, and this same ratio is then carried up the food chain all the way to apex predators, like sharks.

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