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Avoid wasting time and going on an endless shopping spree for a perfect partner – it’s best to start with a general idea of what you are looking for, and also what will differentiate you from the rest. While face to face interaction can provide you with a “more realistic experience” of the person you’re dating, this is something you don’t want to do too quickly.

Instead, make a sincere connection first, use online communication and focus on finding out the basics about the person. If someone is always online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you should be worried.

Be more selective and less so at the same time: Reach out to women who may not at first seem like your "type" as well as those who do.

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Now that we’ve covered the very minimal basics of staying safe, it’s time to find out when you should meet your date, to get the most out of your connection.Reaching Out to Every Woman You want to up your odds and shoot for the stars—or, rather the girl who's out of your league.But new research from Binghamton University says you're being too self-centered and aggressive.Do not dilute the quality of people you are trying to meet by downloading all the free apps, simply because they are free.Consider paying for a dating site, as the other members on that site have already done so, because at least then this means the people there are serious about finding potential partners.

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