Dating splatter

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A prototype built by researchers at Teesside University has demonstrated extraordinary levels of laboratory accuracy.

Month-old blood samples can be dated to within a day, while fresh traces have been pinpointed to within an hour of their being taken, potentially helping police to establish a time of death immediately – a process which at present can take several days – and allowing detectives to build a more rapid chronology of events.

Lisa Altalida, author of Dating Boot Camp, says: “Crab is one of my favorite foods, but I wouldn’t order it on a date unless it’s cracked already.” But I disagree.

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What this does is provide fast, at-the-scene identification of blood and speed up the investigative process, as items do not need to go back to a laboratory to be examined.

Dr Meez Islam, a physical chemist and reader in the University's School of Science and Engineering, who led the team working on the project, said that identifying bloodstains often posed serious problems.

Forensic teams were still working with techniques devised a century ago, and there was currently no effective way of dating blood."Often you go to crime scenes and what appears to be blood isn't blood.

If you connect with your companion, a splatter on the tablecloth shouldn’t put him off.

And if it does, then you probably shouldn’t date the person anyway.

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