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As a fit guy under 40, he’s not creepy-old for a 21 year-old, just in-denial old.

After being spotted making out with twenty-one year old Ashley Olsen in New York City last week, family members of thirty-six year old Lance Armstrong are coming cleaning about what prompted the May/December romance-Publicity.

Sources: uk Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong: Ashley and Lance were spotted making out in the bar of a hotel in New York City in 2007.

Shortly thereafter, Ashley must have remembered that Lance was fifteen years older than her and she moved on to Justin Bartha of “The Hangover” instead.

"Ashley Olsen and I are strictly friends," he told the As we reported last week, the odd pair â€" 36 and 21, respectively â€" both booked rooms at the luxe NYC hotel So Ho House and dined a deux at NYC's Waverly Hill after taking in the Broadway play Young Frankenstein October 29.

Meanwhile, Lance Armstrong's ex, Sheryl Crow is trying to debunk's claim that she was disgusted by the May-December romance.

They left together around 2am.” “He was whispering in her ear and she was giggling like a schoolgirl.

She turned 21 this summer, and if she had stayed in college instead of realizing that she was richer than sin and could have all the fun without the commitment of having to prove she learned stuff, she might be graduating now.

I shudder to think of the crap I was up to at 21, but I’m married now with a toddler, and being in that situation makes you get nostalgic about near-constant hangovers punctuated by exams and random hookups.

Hooking up with a hot young thing is often a way of reliving a youth that wasn’t that great the first time.

Lance Armstrong is older than me at 36, but he still seems too old for Ashley Olsen.

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