Dunhill dating pipes how i started a dating empire friend

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Collected all over the world for nearly a century, Dunhill pipes were what catapulted the name into a brand synonymous with quality and excellence for a large variety of men's accessories, clothing, and other items.

This pipe illustrates one of the first recourse to the modern "Dunhill" mark (with legs on the "d", "h" and "l").

From 1995 all the pipes are stamped with this mark (in oval).

The pipe is dated from 1934 because of an article of "Modern Mechanix" issued in March of that year (see document). The hallmarks on the two Sterling mounts are the only markings on this pipe.

The vents on the case and the removable bowl may be observed on the enlarged views.

The patent 141486/19 has been granted in 1920 for the design of the ventilated case.

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