Dyrdek and chanel dating

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Someone involved made a citizen's arrest and she was held until L. County Sheriff's deputies came, cuffed her and took her in for battery.You hear a cop say to Chanel that he wanted to let her go even after she kicked him but then she went and punched him. İnternet sitemizde en üst sağdaki menüden şirketimiz hakkında daha fazla bilgiye ulaşabilirsiniz.Onun altındaki ana menümüzden ise ana üç departmanımızın sitelerine ulaşabilirsiniz.

I’ve been on the front lines of conservation efforts of the Maasai giraffe in Tanzania, Pacific Fishers in California, and now the endangered Vaquita in Mexico.

(Something tells me if that had been Steelo doing the same thing the outcome would have been a lot different — just sayin’!

) Chanel was cuffed and stuffed into a police cruiser (above) and later booked on a misdemeanor battery charges.

Someone placed her under citizen’s arrest and when the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies arrived, Chanel continued to lash out by reportedly kicking an officer.

Perhaps the officer was a fan of (or just attractive women) because he reportedly was still willing to let Chanel go — and then she punched him.

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