Freshman boy dating junior girl dating portal script

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Now ladies, I’m not one to judge on your hook-up preferences…I say if you’re gettin’ it, then good for you!

Hi Heather, Is it weird for a junior in high school to date a freshman?

When I shared this story with my friends over brunch the next morning, they laughed at how naive I was. He told me he had a great time with me, and for the next week and a half, he would text me shortly before midnight asking to see me.

Within the four years of every girl’s college life, there comes a time when we are no longer considered the “new girls” on campus.

It was my second week of college and I was at a frat party at a barn about 20 miles from campus.

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It can be hard to go against what society thinks is “normal”, but if you two really like each other, than you shouldn’t feel like you have to make your age an issue.We spent the rest of the night lying in the field, looking at the stars, talking about everything from our past relationships to the current economy.When he finally rolled over and kissed me, (although alcohol may have been clouding my judgment), I was convinced I had fallen in love. He held my hand and twirled me around on an elevated surface, we laughed as we sang along to the The Chainsmokers' Roses. About half an hour into the party, I felt someone grab my arm.

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