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The same things happen, but how do they deal with them if we shift the focus a bit?

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New Yorker and new doctor Zoe Hart accepts an offer from a stranger, Dr.

Featuring special guest appearances by : Batfleck, Sassy Cats, Mother Earth, Psyc Harley, Stone Cold Steve Frostin, and Joker Leto Buckle up for this ride or you may find yourself flung through a windshield at the bottom of Gotham Bay! This is Rory's journey.*5/20/17 Note: Added another chapter.

Look for a new Chapter 12: Parental Aspirations.*Note: I found there to be some narrative holes in the original version, so I am working to fill them in. Again, thanks to my fellow Rogan Fans who influenced theses changes. For the first time in six years he desired someone.

The moment Rory threw her graduation cap into the air, she imagined herself as more Amanpour and less Kerouac. Lorelai accepts an offer from Luke when things get off to a rocky start after she runs to Stars Hollow with baby Rory. Following the revival, A Year in The Life: Those four words have forever changed the trajectory of Rory & her family. For storyline purposes Stars Hollow is a small town on the outskirts of New York City.

She was going to write about stories that mattered, on the cusp of moving the world in a way only tectonic plates could. She's taken Jess' advice; she's writing a book and she wants his help to bring it to fruition. Will she be honest with the man at the center of it all? Endgame is Rogan but it is also a story about Rory's life.

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