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) The point-and-click adventure game is called , and it’s coming out this spring.

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While this freedom is endearing, a few simple prompts a la Ok Cupid might be helpful.

I don't mean things like how the pictures look or what not, I need to know if you can navigate through the game without any problems. Not that aesthetics aren't important, but usability deals with the mechanics of the program. ^-^The game plays well and it is perfectly navigable.

So if you could please give me feedback, I would greatly appreciate it! If you ever manage to get the time and stuff, would you mind working on this some more? I really enjoy what you have so far I really do hope you revisit this concept at some point or expand upon it somewhat.

In a 2012 video for PBS’s “Idea Channel,” host Mike Rugnetta dubbed .

Yet that was enough to crash the site (for some perspective, the monumental October 25, 2011 update “Cascade” had crashed the digital creator’s platform Newgrounds, a wholly separate, well-established site from The story was still unfinished; the updates would still be on their way.

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