How to create own live adult webcam website

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Decide on your business model either charge per minute or have a membership system.With the charge per minute system one-on-one chats you earn more pay for more work.But the web page it's on is nearly as important. Your page should automatically reload and it should not be cached.If you don't have certain things set correctly, your webcam can become a "webcan't". This will insure that your cam viewers get a new image every time.Webcams are one of the oldest tricks on the Internet.Back when Netscape was young, my friends and I used to wander by the Amazing Fish Cam all the time.It's the number of returning visitors that generates web income.

Pick your model based on how much work you're comfortable putting in: pay-per-minutes give you schedule flexibility, but voyeur cams are on all the time. Pick a snappy domain name that users will likely remember and recognize.

Click "Save and Publish" when you are ready for the website to go live.

Select the "Get Started Now" link on the homepage and type in a username and password for website login information.

An adult web site is normally graphic intensive, and graphics take up space. This may be cheaper, but it's not a good way to create a site people will want to come back to. This means hiring your own models and taking photographs specifically for your site. Laws pertaining to adult web sites vary (see Resources section below) and should be studied before you go live with your site. Make sure you clearly identify the website as an adult website and state that no one under the legal age to view such material should enter. You can provide a small tour giving samples of the kind of material your subscribers will have access to. On each sample page, make a link to a page where your visitors can sign up for a monthly membership.

Once you begin uploading files to your web host, you'll see how quickly space gets used. The price you charge for the monthly membership is up to you.

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