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The Raptor Resource Project maintains the cams, of which there are two. Both are positioned on one of the nest’s supporting limbs about 4-5 feet above the nest.

The main cam is automated and is trained on the nest. At dark the main cam switches to infrared (invisible to the eagles) night-time view.

They establish and strengthen breeding populations of these raptors by creating, improving, and maintaining nests and nest sites.

In addition to directly managing more than 23 falcon, eagle, and owl nest sites, the Raptor Resource Center provides training in nest site creation and management across the United States, reaching more than 85,000 people each year through lectures, education programs, and the web, and develop innovations in nest site management and viewing that bring people closer to the world around them.

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Chyna Diamondz is a local R&B artist who believes not only will it help police solve crimes quicker, it will also help bridge the divide some in the community have with cops.Chyna said, "So many police officers have a bad rep off of he said, she said and now it's live and you can see it.It's beneficial for both sides." The cameras, went live publicly Monday.Earlier this week, the Iowa Department of Transportation found that 10 of Iowa's 34 traffic enforcement cameras should be shut down because they are not making roads safer.Among those to be shut off are speed cameras located on Interstate Highway 235 in Des Moines, where both Brooks and Bullock have received speeding tickets.

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