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I've read a lot about the system and many of my friends have experienced great success with it.The system is 9 and requires connection from the back end of the car's stereo. There is an adaptor you can buy through Crutchfield.... g=227450&avf=N&nvpair=AG_Type|FFAuxiliary_Input_Adapters If the link does not work just go seach for AUX IN ADAPTOR.• Deepen and enliven your communications experience with our ladies through Cam Share, our new and exciting video chat service.• Receive stacks of replies and invites in an exciting romantic, experience.It is the sexy new way to meet new friend in your local vicinity.

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Even though I'm pretty confident everything would go OK, last thing I need to do is break something on my brand new car. But still, pulling out a head unit shouldn't be too big a deal. And the display of the factory radio shows the song that's playing on the ipod and you can control the ipod from the factory radio's controls.Once installed, the Ice Link acts as if it is the CD player and the driver can change songs etc. I would like to hook up my i Pod to the OEM stereo system in my Impala 2004 as well.How do I remove the dash board cover - without damaging anything - as to be able to get to the back of the head unit? But still, pulling out a head unit shouldn't be too big a deal. check out Impala HQ ( its under the How to section all i can say is HAVE fun :rofl: So I've been seeing these new adapters that you can plug into the ipods that plug in the connector in the bottom of the ipod and they plug into the AUX port on the factory radio.Ok, I want to know what's the best way to hook up my ipod to my 2004 impala. Or does someone have a better way to hook an ipod into a 2004 Impala? There were other ones that plugged into the cigerette adapter but they also took batteries like the one i have does.I went out and bought a frequency broadcaster so it puts it through a channel but it doesn't sound that good. (It doesn't have a tape player.)I have the same thing in my 2002 impala and it works great. If you use it on a regular radio you dont even have to have the ipod within 30 feet of the radio and it still works great Ok, then maybe you guys can tell me something then. the sales person couldn't explain to me why that one took batteries but also needed to plug into the cigerette lighter also.

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