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Here's what Tomlin had to say about leading people to experience God in worship around the world.

You're wrapping up the most successful tour of your career, and have been playing in a lot of arena spaces.

The purpose of worship in the church is, as Robert Webber so succinctly put it, to “do God’s story,” so that as the divine Subject of worship, God impacts us in such a way that we would continue to enact God’s story in the world around us.

If Tomlin’s songs are to lead us into deeper worship, they must be a remarkable account of God’s character, attributes, and work in human history. These songs portray Jesus in one of three ways: Example: “Jesus” This track does a lot of talking.

At the start of the new year, he will return to Atlanta to lead worship at Passion City Church and the 2014 Passion Conferences in Atlanta (January 17-18) and Houston (February 14-15).

Some things have changed for the Grammy-award winning artist since CT last talked with him, including the addition of a daughter, Ashlyn, to his family with Lauren, his wife of three years, but others haven't—like his commitment to leading the church in worship across the globe.

Tomlin, if you’ve somehow never heard of him, is commercial Christian worship’s favorite superstar.

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Peter's storylines have included a number of affairs, alcoholism and a custody battle involving his son Simon (Daniel Whelan, Jake Hartley, Oscar Hartley, Alex Bain).

Tomlin’s songs have been translated into Hindi, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Afrikaans and Mandarin.

CEO of Christian Copyright Licensing International Howard Rachinski said Tomlin is “the most prolific songwriter in the United States now, in this past decade.”Even with such a large song catalog to his credit, Tomlin said filming cinematic, storytelling videos is a rarity for him.

Gascoyne left the role in 2003 and returned in 2007 for a brief stint before returning full-time in 2008.

In January 2014 it was confirmed that Gascoyne would be leaving once again. and Peter returned on 15 July 2015 and left once again on 16 July.

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