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In addition, lava flows were active down multiple flanks of the volcano, lava block avalanches were common, and pyroclastic flows were witnessed in July.Colima began the year with an explosion on 3 January (reported by that sent an ash plume to 3 km and caused ashfall in seven communities between 26 and 175 km NE, including the municipalities of Zapotlán El Grande (26 km NE), Concepción de Buenos Aires (63 km NE), Manzanilla de la Paz (72 km NE), Ayotlán (175 km NE), Poncitlán (122 km NE), Jamay (128 NE), and Tizapán (95 km NE).We’re offering all first time purchasers a special deal! We also respect your privacy so you can choose anonymous chat if you prefer to keep your details private.A large mass of material or mixtures of material falling or sliding rapidly under the force of gravity.Avalanches often are classified by their content, such as snow, ice, soil, or rock avalanches.Made of cast metal in either polished silver or copper, Neo is available in four unique lava colour combinations.Neo is the only lava lamp available tested safe for all ages.

Frequent historical eruptions at Mexico's Volcán de Colima (also known as Volcán Fuego) date back to the 16th century and include vulcanian and phreatic explosions, lava flows and large debris avalanches.

The process by which solid, liquid, and gaseous materials are ejected into the earth's atmosphere and onto the earth's surface by volcanic activity.

Eruptions range from the quiet overflow of liquid rock to the tremendously violent expulsion of pyroclastics.

A series of unmanned satellites orbiting at about 706 km (438 miles) above the surface of the earth.

The satellites carry cameras similar to video cameras and take images or pictures showing features as small as 30 m or 80 m wide, depending on which camera is used.

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