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In fact, according to neuroscientist John Cacioppo, who has made a career out of studying loneliness, “The absence of social connection triggers the same, primal alarm bells as hunger, thirst and physical pain.” Put simply, “Humans don’t do well if they’re alone.” However, modern life, with all of its conveniences, has led to a sharp increase in isolation. According to Cacioppo, “The percentage of Americans who responded that they regularly or frequently felt lonely was between 11% and 20% in the 1970s and 1980s…The American Association of Retired Persons(AARP) did a nationally representative study in 2010 and found it was closer to 40% to 45%.” When we find ourselves becoming isolated, we should take that as a warning sign that we may turning against ourselves in some basic way.The path of isolation leads to loneliness, despair, and even depression.When we feel lonely, we often tend to beat ourselves up and think that something is just wrong with us.Enjoy what some call adult dating - the way to easily find partners for casual sex in the UK.

But last night the boy's mother attacked the judge's decision. If this had been a man he would almost certainly have been jailed but instead she gets to walk free and pick up her life.

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Yet she walked free from court yesterday after Judge Peter Fox QC said the married housewife was an unhappy woman who was unable to resist the advances of a child.

'You had been a very unhappy lady for a very considerable period of time when this 14-year-old boy seduced you, and not you him, both so far as sexual matters and drugs are concerned,' he said.

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