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Answer: cash Wednesday: According to a new survey, this is the #1 thing women are attracted to in guys…Answer: his ambition Thursday: This is the #1 complaint from men dating women…If you don’t have a lot of money, you can choose an inexpensive date so that you can cover the costs.Women seeking a rich husband is nothing new, but a documentary this week aims to explore the growing trend for 'rinsing', where glamorous young daters aim for short-lived relationships that will leave them dripping with diamonds.You may hear their diagnosis and think of the possibility of cancer.You may even worry how the cancer could affect you. Most people with the virus never go on to develop cancer. When people do develop HPV-related cancers, they are usually extremely treatable.Monday: for the average homeowner it takes 1 hour to do this but it takes 8 hours to do this at the white house…

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She even reveals in new Channel 5 show Gold Digger and Proud how she plans to enjoy a £33,000 engagement ring..has no plans to wed the man giving it to her Wealthy Essex businessman and DJ Mark Vanderpump, 56, says that his money means he can date younger ladies who wouldn't be interested in him otherwise.

[Read: 25 things about a guy that turn a girl on sexually and otherwise] Instead, behave like a friend.

10 steps to making a girl want you sexually If you find yourself getting really attracted to a friend who’s getting a lot of attention already, you can definitely make her desire you and want you.

Pictured above with 27-year-old Brazilian Rosana who Mark flew in for a date Diamond digger: Noelie Goforth, a 46-year-old former shop girl from Doncaster hit the jackpot when she married wealthy husband Robin, who thinks nothing of splashing out £200,000 on one shopping spree In a shameless admission, Laura admits that she teases men into giving more and more but jumps ship when things look like getting too serious and reveals that a recent suitor has promised her an engagement ring worth £33,000 pounds, something she plans to take...

before ditching him While the DJ admits that he knows the women in his life are only after one thing, he says he would like something more meaningful and, as is shown on the show, even flies 27-year-old Brazilian Rosana across the Pacific for a lavish weekend of shopping and dining.

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