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And surprisingly, 51 per cent of women reckon their sex life could be better, compared to 35 per cent who are happy with theirs.A similar study conducted by researchers from The University of Texas also found that males are hornier than females!This book has it all, creepy psychological thrills and chills, mystery, romance, passion and spine tingling, hold your breath adventure.The writing is smooth, the pace quick but with plenty of detail and the characters are well drawn and likeable-except when they're not!(2) The Rock: "Damn Rachael Weisz, you're hot" Rachael Weisz: "Shit, we're fresh out of toilet paper.

The needs of her child take precedent over everything else - this is a good thing - she will love, protect and nourish your child..the expense of just about anything & everyone else.Thoroughly recommended, this author is an auto buy for me.” by Anne-Marie Becker, it was a thrilling fast-paced read that had me anticipating the villain’s next moves and wondering the reasons behind his obsession with Maggie.By the end of the book, I was completely engrossed in each of the main characters and had a pretty good glimpse of some of those in secondary roles – I hope there will follow-up books focusing on the rest of the SSAM team especially Becca as well as Detective Noah Crandall.A woman who becomes a mother could be likened to a boy becoming a man - she cannot stop these changes - she is now, and will always be, a mother.How you deal with these changes will affect the way your relationship develops and the family in which your children will grow up. Aside from the reality that having a baby means exhaustion and lack of sleep, there are other factors at work.

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