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Sometimes you need to express those needs, wants and desires through confrontation.

Sandy Weiner, dating coach, blogger, This show is all about you! Whether you want to know how to start conversations, how to know if someone is into you, or how to stay out the friendzone - we have you covered! How many times have you been in a relationship where you just couldn't communicate, and your fights turned into WWIII?

This show will prevent that from ever happening again.

"Let's meet contestant number one He's a skitsofrantic, serial killer clown Who says, "woman love his sexy smile" Let's find out if his charm will work on Sharon Sharon, what's your question?

Yesterday we met two gorgeous people, Danielle and Richie for our new segment, Naked Dating.If they were going to meet up it was going to be on their own terms.Fast forward to this morning, we called both of them to found out what happened…In his About Me section, Mench Tastic wrote, “I’m a journalist, which sometimes means long hours at work but always means I have fantastic stories to tell.” Looking at his profile, I thought that I might know his byline. I rifled through the piles of paper on my own desk looking for my mobile phone. Since it could happen so quickly, I usually didn’t realize I was drunk until something bad had already happened. So lets get you ready for your next date and into a fabulous relationship!! Right Online, behavioral scientist, and dating coach joins the show. ", but it can be hard to conquer your online space.

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