Nicolas berggruen dating

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She’s the quintessential domestic Goddess and the head of an empire she built herself.

She cooks, she sews, she crafts and makes you believe you can do the same all while looking catalog page perfect.

I meet Nicolas Berggruen – businessman billionaire turned philanthropist and think-tank founder; a man I am trying not to label “the playboy philosopher”, because I don’t think he’ll like it – in one of the two adjoining suites he’s taken in Claridge’s (his “London home”).

Even his offices in Los Angeles, New York, Istanbul, Mumbai and Berlin don't always know where their boss, one of the richest men in the world, will be from one day to the next.In a world where celeb couples are known by a single, overly-cutesy moniker, and the music makes you want to celebrate your single status while simultaneously making you feel like you’re not good enough because he didn’t put a ring on it, it can be tough being the odd (single) one out.But never fear, even if you’re technically flying solo, you’re still in amazing company.Billionaire Nicolas Berggruen, the owner of Germany's Karstadt chain of department stores, makes do without a home and has no personal attachments. He wants to make democracy work, and to create a better world.Geboren 1975, ist politischer Autor und Koordinator für Meinungsfragen beim SPIEGEL.

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