No credit card cam to cam

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If you’ve got existing debt on credit cards – it’s time to act.

With a balance transfer deal, you get a new credit card and it repays the debts on your existing credit and store cards for you, so you now owe money to the new card instead.

Instead, digitalize and save the business card in your i Phone or Android smartphones.

The Rice University team developing Flat Cam, from left to right: front, postdoctoral researcher Salman Asif and faculty members Richard Baraniuk, Ashok Veeraraghavan and Jacob Robinson; rear, graduate students Fan Ye, Vivek Boominathan and Jesse Adams. Very, say Rice University researchers who have developed patented prototypes of their technological breakthrough.

Flat Cam, invented by the Rice labs of electrical and computer engineers Richard Baraniuk and Ashok Veeraraghavan, is little more than a thin sensor chip with a mask that replaces lenses in a traditional camera.

The integration with Zoho CRM enables you to save the contact information as a lead or contact in Zoho CRM.

What’s more, it even saves a photo of the business card to the CRM record.

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