Oledbcommand not updating

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If we could load the data into a staging table and then write Delete statement by joining two tables that would be better solution(set based queries).

You can configure the transformation by either using the SSIS Designer or the object model. Resources Public Class Main Class Shared Dim Ole Db Connection As System. Update Command = Ole Db Update Command Address Book Data Adapter. Execute Non Query() Display() Disconnect() End Sub Shared Sub Display() Dim Ole Db Select Command As System. Ole Db Connection Shared Dim Address Book Data Adapter As System. Connection = Ole Db Connection Address Book Data Adapter. I've used the same code (modified for different forms/tables) in three locations. Get Db Connection(); // Assign input data to variables int Sub Category ID = Convert. Thanks in advance, Todd The following code writes from a form to an Access DB. This is the entire method for updating one of the tables, as follows: Ole Db Connection con My Data; Ole Db Command cmd Sql; string str SQL; con My Data = Data Manager.

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