Oracle if updating field

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You need not specify the partition name when updating values in a partitioned table.

However in some cases specifying the partition name can be more efficient than a complicated Specify a complete or partial name of a database link to a remote database where the object is located.

This process of extracting the elements of a collection is called refers to a LOB object attribute, then you must first initialize it with a value of empty or null. Also, if you are updating a LOB value using some method other than a direct to set the column to the value previously specified as the default value for the column.

If no default value for the corresponding column has been specified, then the database sets the column to null.

If you do have a table which is subject to frequent changes of column number or name, then I would suggest you have a bigger, architectural problem.

So, just type out all the column names now, and wait to see whether maintanance becomes an issue.

Another way would be to use the UPDATING function like this: That true, but someone else will need to maintain the trigger. ;-)create or replace trigger my_trigger before update on my_table for each row declare n_cols integer := 0; begin for r in (select column_name from all_tab_columns where table_name = 'MY_TABLE' and owner = 'MY_SCHEMA') loop if updating(r.column_name) then n_cols := n_cols 1; exit when n_cols It's probably not the answer you want to hear, but I think you are rather over-exaggerating the burden of maintenance.

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It's a little more work, but then the maintenance should be automatic.

CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER test BEFORE UPDATE OR DELETE ON test FOR EACH ROW WHEN ( NVL (new.user_id, -999999) NVL (OLD.stts_id, -999999) ) Is there any other effective way.

Thanks Koshal In the question I asked, I used the when clause.

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