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By World War II, however, tattooing traditions largely disappeared in these areas and today only the Maisin and a few neighboring peoples of Collingwood Bay in southeastern Papua remain as the last coastal people to continue tattooing itself.Tattoos were generally inked upon women in a fixed order among all coastal Papuans.They might not be swinging from vine to vine, but the Korowai can build their houses 140ft up using only tree branches and stilts found in their surroundings.Some of their tree houses tower above the tall rainforests of Papua New Guinea.In fact, we have featured articles on the few remaining tribes in the Pacific Islands, Andaman Islands and Africa that still adhere to their old ways.

In November 2009 we made another expedition to the tribe Korowai Dalam though. The most experienced people who where willing to bear the risk of possible failure and eventual injury.Finally we chose Upper Sepik which looked to be the best accessible destination. And still there are other, more promising localities for the next time!!! People have been changing – civilization comes everywhere. Some people have been dressed and those still naked are under a big pressure to get dressed, too. When people ask me about the best time to go to Papua I usually tell them the best time was yesterday, or the day before…We didn´t have much money and other localities, although more promising, were too expensive. People of Upper Sepik usually wear nothing, men are naked, women use short skirts. People are oppressed by the government, churches, timber producing companies… All we can do now is to hope that our next expedition is not the last one.Even the most detailed pilot maps of the island contain white places, which bear the following text: „Relief data incomplete“ or „We believed not exceed 5300 ft“. Is it possible to find people who have never seen a white man? These were the questions we were asking before our expedition, discussing, confirming and disconfirming.We planned to visit several areas in PNG, selecting one by one.

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