Park bom dating rumors

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And Jimin responded with a wave but Seulgi turned away. But Seulgi never looked back, making Jimin whisper something about his "girlfriend" to Jin. Then pats Jimin on the head as if he is cheering up a friend who's worried about his girlfriend, said netizens.The year 2017 started off on a positive note for Park Bo-gum.According to a profiling website called Korea, the actor won the Special Korea Brand Award.", "I'm so sick of this", "She's obviously just bursting the bubbles, not waving."What are your thoughts on the rumors dug up by netizens about Jimin and Seulgi? I don't know if it's a coincidence or anything but jimin started to change at the same time the rumour started.And I've also dreamed of them two hugging each other (erased).

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