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And because the internet is not a notoriously moral place, the Pirate Bay has become the 98th most visited website on the net.

The continuing operation of The Pirate Bay is chiefly a triumph for enemies of the RIAA, which, by our last count, is everyone who isn't the RIAA. After a few years of contemplating these philosophical questions, The Pirate Bay was politely reminded that - oh yeah - all the moral justifications in the world don't make it any less illegal.

As long as the Pirate Bay has been active, moral issues have been a concern. The trial of the Pirate Bay came into public awareness in early-to-mid 2008, when the site's administrators were charged with promoting copyright infringement.

Even though the entire trial was centered around the evidence that 21 music files, nine movies and four games had been pirated, the prosecution claimed million in damages.

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