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Another file, named INCREASE-12MO-agency-date.txt, will list those employees whose salary increases will not be processed automatically because the employees are indicated in PMIS as working less than 12 months (employee months worked A fourth file, named INCREASE-BYPASS-agency-date.txt, will list those employees not listed above who will not have salary increases processed on July 10, 2017 because the employees are indicated in PMIS as being on “Leave Without Pay” or having state-begin dates later than April 10, 2017 (“HIREDT”).All agency PMIS employees should be listed in one of these review files.

If you’re not sure who your focal contact is, go to the Customer Success Portal to verify this information and change or update any other account details.

A manual relink of the properties/methods is required. NET assemblies in Lab VIEW, 1-dimension arrays of doubles or strings are represented as 2-dimension arrays of rank 1.

Workaround: N/A In recent versions of Lab VIEW, placing a constructor for a Folder Dialog Box object from Windows. Forms (4.0.0) will work successfully, but the containing VI will hang during execution. This can create an issue when the assembly is used in Visual Studio 2015 which will not accept 2-dimensional arrays of rank 1.

Where the computed salary increases exceed employees’ pay band maximums, employees will be due the amounts above their maximums as lump-sum payments, as in past years (use Special Pay 25 to apply lump sum payments to CIPPS).

When applicable, the Alternate Pay Band maximum on PMIS will be used instead of SW or FP ranges to determine over-maximum salaries.

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