Rowupdating event is not firing in gridview

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I guess there is something wrong with the body of Grid View1_Row Updating method.

When you clik the edit button ,only the row in which you clicked Edit button becomes editable. So, i guess you should write the code to update only that row. Hii, I right click on the Gridview and in the properties i have set the Autogenerated Edit/Delete button to True . help plz cya Rohan How did you load the script for the first time.

The Grid View control supports the following features:use Row Editing, Row Updating, Row Deleting, Row Command, Row Data Bound, Row Canceling Edit, and Pagination in a Data Grid.

From this article, you will have a clear view of the Grid View data insert, delete, and update operations.

Introduction The Grid View control displays the values of a data source in a table.

Each column represents a field, while each row represents a record.

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You must have forgotten to add Grid View1_Row Updating event to the Grid View.Understanding this simple difference between the two methods can save you hours of work! NET AJAX Update Panel, then you cannot use the Client Script. Register Startup Script to call a Java Script function during a partial-page postback. NET w/ C#, and didn't know which forum to choose. Then I started fooling around with all of Visual Studio's built in functions, and thought I had the edit function to a good place, textboxes where I wanted them and Drop Down Lists where I needed them. I hope I'm posting this in the right place--this is ASP. I wrote this gridview freehand first, with C# methods to query our SQL database for the values and a Delete Command that manually called a delete statement.

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