Rules for dating a preacher

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For those of you who are indeed concerned about this, here’s some of my thoughts. Now, you may not get physically killed in good ‘ole America, but you will get raked over the coals every now and again. People won’t care about what you are doing if they think you should be doing something else.

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People know you are just yelling and amening because you are dating.His money don’t have anything to do with you until you’re married and even then, you are to respect his positioning on how he distributes funds. Stop going into the office after service while he is talking to the ministers (again YOU ARE NOT HIS WIFE). Girlfriends/boyfriends are not recognized by God and should not be recognized in the church. Have somethings in common other than “church stuff”.There are some myths out there that people assume to be gospel about dating.For some reason, the most clicks I get on my blog are the posts I write about dating a pastor.Who would have thought that so many people would be concerned about this particular topic? Dear, sweet, innocent girl (or guy), Ministry will kill you. Most people who devoted their lives to ministry ended up being murdered.

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