Russell brand dating a spice girl

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They seemed like they were having a really great time, holding hands and chatting – it was 100 per cent obvious they were a couple.San Ysidro Ranch is a ritzy hideaway in the wine country of Southern California, where major celebrities cluster. She has homes in New York and Los Angeles, but Santa Barbara is Perry’s hometown; I find it very sweet that she is acting in a semi-ambassadorial capacity for Southern California with one of her busy hands. and Perry fight for possession of the tiny bill; Perry wins—we sit and eat, and she is mostly left in peace, absent the occasional guerrilla pesterer. Easy to pop on and off.” And is that thick mass of lush raven hair all hers? “Probably straight off the airplane from India.”As the incarnation of a global megabrand, she is a boss, a manager, and she acts like one: She already has today’s itinerary tightly planned for us.And then I go back into the studio and I start writing, and the true essential oil of who I am comes bubbling back up and reminds me that it’s always been inside of me, that nobody can take this away no matter what comment anyone makes. It always, always hit the spot.” She points out the window.They have become good friends since meeting at the Olympics and things are in their very early days.’ ‘At the moment they’re more friends and Russ has a little more charming to do.

UK gossips are reporting that Geri Halliwell and Russell Brand are dating.

Then she will drive us to lunch at La Super-Rica in Santa Barbara, her favorite taqueria. “This is La Super-Rica,” quips Perry, “but I used to come here when I was superpoor, too.” Outside is space that nobody owns, so people don’t press, but the minute we’re inside the door, the crowd of amateur photographers steadily increases. ” in a bright tone and poses with a bright smile, or puts an arm around the wife, or (in one case) both wives, or holds the hand of the child, or children, then says, “Thank you! One man has her with a half-dozen family members, and then says rather throatily to Perry, “OK, now a solo! These are my daughters, they want to say hi”; though the kids mostly don’t say hi but simply gaze with huge round eyes.

And you’re dressed.” And are these Repetto ballet shoes on her feet? Right now, we’ll take a brief walk in the garden where the mountains loom so she can point out the high trail she’ll be hiking tomorrow (she does a two-hour hike at least twice a week). That’s how I write a song.”The line outside the taqueria is long, and we have maybe 20 minutes to wait. My recording is full of voices saying: “You know the two little girls calling Katy, Katy?

It had been rumoured that Russell was planning to move in with Isabella before the split.

Details of Brand and Halliwell’s new found chemistry emerged after our showbiz crystal ball first revealed Russ had Ginger Spice in his sights at the Olympics closing ceremony.

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