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actor went shirtless earlier in the day while bringing William, 3, to the beach.

As Carmen, a gay bilingual production assistant, and part-time DJ, Shahi dates and hangs out with fellow lesbians. Admittedly, Shahi did not grow up in a typical Latino home.

She reveals the key to her success, the art of celebrating her body and mind, and the joys of working with a naked Will Ferrell. The Hollywood newcomer would be making her big movie debut starring opposite one of the funniest actors of our time, former Saturday Night Live star Will Ferrell. Ferrell, on the other hand, was not feeling adorable or experiencing a similar career high. This particular scene called for a middle-aged man (Ferrell) to be caught drunk and streaking on a college campus by his new wife (Perrey Reeves) and her girlfriends (Shahi and actress Leah Remini). The audience never saw it, but the result was one of the most hilarious movie scenes of 2003.

When the cameras were off, he was so humiliated by the whole thing. Take after take, during a full evening of shooting, Ferrell, wearing nothing but shoes and a strategically-placed sock, had to nudge his way next to Shahi in the backseat of an SUV. Old School was a hit at the box office, and Shahi was on her way.

Assignments on series like "Alias" and "Life" followed before she landed the role of Kate, despite the fact that in the midst of her audition the recent mother began lactating and left the room with a soaked shirt.

Shahi credits her success to a number of factors—determination, a positive attitude—but the man she calls her "best-kept secret" is her acting coach, Bill Howey.

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