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In case you haven't met the term before, a parser is just a program module that breaks down text in a given language into its component parts.

dom4j integrates with DOM and SAX and is seamlessly integrated with full XPath support. If you want to use a SAX parser, you'll have to include the SAX classes and the SAX parser of your choice to your CLASSPATH.Handler implementations should inherit from the base classes provided in the module Basic interface for resolving entities.If you create an object implementing this interface, then register the object with your Parser, the parser will call the method in your object to resolve all external entities.We use an Apache-style open source license which is one of the least restrictive licenses around, you can use dom4j to create new products without them having to be open source. If you want to use XPath expressions, you also have to include the to your CLASSPATH.dom4j can use your existing XML parser and/or DOM implementation (such as Crimson or Xerces if you want it to.

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