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She always puts the coffee on my nightstand and then sits down on the side of the bed. When I came, the force of it almost made me fall over. Then I walked off to take my shower, once again imagining that I could feel her eyes on my naked body as I moved. Long, toned legs with white meaty thighs between there the heaven it covered thick black bush, over that. I guessed that maybe I had embarrassed her, or that the taboo of watching her own son engaged in a sex act was too much for her. " I took off my headphones, but kept one hand on my prick. it makes everything slick." She squeezed a little drop out onto her finger and rubbed it around for me to see, then rubbed her wet fingers on my arm. "There," she said "That should make it a lot more comfortable for you." "Dont stop, Amma! Again, I had to moan as she began working her hand up and down my shaft. The feeling started in my groin and spread up my stomach and down my legs. I placed my hand on her back and squeezed tight as my orgasm overtook me. The orgasm was so strong that I saw stars, and for a moment I was afraid that I might pass out. I desperately wanted to caress her tits, play with her pussy, I want to feel my own mothers pussy walls tighten my cock what wait feel me I cant wait for that, and more, but I was afraid that if I did, it would shock her and put an end to my fun. I just thought wed do it a little differently today, if thats OK." She pulled the sheet and knelt between my legs, taking my raging erection into her hand. The next morning when Amma came in, I was naked again. I got out of bed and stood up, and we looked at each other. She sat down on the bed next to me and put her hand on my shoulder. "What youre doing is natural and healthy for a man your age. enjoyable." She held up the little bottle, and I read the label. The Astroglide made it feel great, much better and much more sensation than jacking off dry. That was astonishing seen when the first rocket sperm comes from my cock "Ohh! Ammas hand stopped its jacking motion, and her thumb moved over the tip of my cock, smearing my cum all around the head. On Friday morning she came in at the usual time, naked, but without the washcloth and Astroglide. Had she decided that jacking off her own boy was wrong? Below are six of the top twenty webcam performers on Flirt4Free. That." She finally came out of it, and sat down on the bed. Nothing to be embarrassed about." "Jeez, Amma, Im embarrassed that I was standing in front of you with a hard-on." "Honey, thats perfectly normal, especially in a young man your age. " I was hoping to keep the conversation going as long as possible, afraid that Id never get another chance to see my beautiful mothers naked body. "Sometimes when youre at school, I lie out in the backyard and get some sun." I drooled at the thought of my sexy Amma lying naked by the backyard. When Amma came through the door, I heard her gasp through my headphones. I figured that she would just drip it onto my dick, or into my hand. "Im going to get something to clean us up," she said. No girl had ever done that for me, but my own sweet mother was doing it now. As we looked at each other, her tongue flicked out and captured the cum droplet. I feel her hairs scratching with my semi hard cock and bush Then her eyes flew open and she pulled away, as though shed just woken up. I knew then that she would let me bend her over the bed and fuck her, and I knew exactly how wonderful that would feel the Incest I never think it would happen in my life especially with my own mother I am waiting for that glories moment my lucky cock enter my own moms sweet pussy, the forbidden sex of my life unbelievable feels of my life, the infrequent chance of my life.. *** On Saturday Amma let me sleep in, but I was awake by anyway, my body in need of my own mothers touch. Our house is on a cul-de-sac and has a good sized backyard with a patio, a small pool, and several large trees with bushes and flowers between them. "We cant have you burning that fine little butt of yours," she said. I gave up all pretense of spreading lotion, and started rubbing her clit directly. As I continued to stroke her clit, I wiped the lotion off of my other hand and slowly inserted first one, then two fingers into her pussy. My hands were dripping with her juices, and the towel beneath her was soaked. "Sweetie," she said with a smile, "I think its time to do your front." *** I fell asleep shortly after Amma finished sucking me off. Hmm, I thought, Im going to have to try this again. *** The next morning when Amma came in to wake me up, she was naked, too. But only a minute later, she returned carrying a small bottle. "Thats OK, Sweetie." She looked down at my erect cock, and licked her lips. I moaned, "Oh, Amma, yeah" and she started jacking me off faster. I watched as the first shot of my cum erupted from the tip of my cock and shot maybe three feet straight up into the air, then fell back down onto my legs and onto my mothers arm. Slowly, my vision cleared and my cock stopped pumping its jism. I thought she nevr think like me she only like the foreplay that worst incest ever thinks she.

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