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Shelley’s ‘Julian and Maddalo: A Conversation’ can be a tricky poem to navigate.

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In January, she participated in two Women’s Marches on the same day, one in Redwood City and another in San Francisco, and she’s helping to plan a show to benefit illegal immigrants (her father was born in Mexico and came to the U. “She’s been fiercely standing where she is her whole life.” When Henry told his sister-in-law Madonna he was working with Baez, he says, she texted him: “She’s a fucking warrior hero.”Until the 2016 presidential race, Baez hadn’t written a song in 25 years.

At that time, his dad was in poor health, and my husband was going to come and hopefully provide his dad some stress relief. Trash doesn’t get up at the crack of dawn and drive 150 miles (if they are staying in town) to work until sunset and THEN drive 150 miles home hoping to spend a few minutes with his babies before bed.

He began as a “hand” who basically just does what needs to be done – whatever that may be. Trash doesn’t get up and do it again and again and again for the next however many days straight putting in long hours and working weekends. My husband does not work knee deep in mud and come home caked in Oklahoma red-dirt to be called trash. His office is the great open spaces of the heartland.

But with Trump in office, she’s cranked out five-and-counting verses of a tune somewhat in his honor.

Sitting in her kitchen, she grabs a guitar and begins fingerpicking a Guthrie-esque melody.

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